Flexispy is a sophisticated phone and PC tracking software application that consists of all the fundamental functions used by this type of application plus some advanced functions that are special in this specific item.

Flexispy is readily available in two plans – Premium and Extreme. Both of them offer all the basic functions such as:

  • call logging,
  • keeping an eye on web activities,
  • GPS tracking,
  • multimedia keeping an eye on,
  • keeping track of chat rooms and social media networks,
  • SMS tracking
  • e-mails, and more.

With Flexispy Extreme, you will also have the ability to record and listen to phone calls along and use the built-in video camera and microphone to keep track of the environment. The Extreme version likewise consists of the Password Cracker feature.

Flexispy uses more features than any other item in the category. In fact, this software package includes numerous functions that it is hard to list and explain them all. The Flexispy official website declares to have about 150 features.

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How does Flexispy work?

To start dealing with the program, you will mainly need physical access to the target phone. When the app is set up, it keeps track of all the activities on the target device.

For the app to not be found, you can hide the icon. So, no one will understand that it is installed on the device. Working in the background, Flexispy collects all the information and sends it to the control panel using the Internet connection.

You can remotely trigger the needed features to monitor and collect the required info. Thus, the application is ideal for parental control. However if needed, it can also be utilized to monitor workers.

Basic functions

The standard set of alternatives includes all the normal tools to keep track of a gadget, such as call log monitoring, e-mail, chat messengers, GPS area, images, video and audio files, tape-recorded contacts, searching history, bookmarks, social networks apps and so on.

Social media apps and messengers

Nowadays, people communicate through different social platforms a lot more than they call or send out text by means of standard networks. In this regard, Flexispy has an impressive list of supported services, consisting of WhatsApp, Facebook/ Facebook Messenger, Viber, LINE, Skype, WeChat, iMessage, BBM, Yahoo, Hangouts, KIK, Telegram, Tinder, Instagram, QQ, and Hike.

With the Premium package, you can see messages, pictures, videos and all logs for these applications.

Extreme version can listen to and record any calls made through these platforms.

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Advanced features

The Extreme version has recently become the leader in its sector, as Flexispy is the only company currently offering the following: live call interception, call recording, and ambient recording – listening through a microphone.

Call Interception

Some individuals discover the call interception function very helpful. Your phone is added to the conversation as throughout a conference call, however you can’t participate in the conversation in this manner, you can simply listen to what it has to do with.

In addition, the device being tracked should support three-way connections, which can be acquired from the mobile operator beforehand. Live call interception is now readily available for iPhone and iPad as well as Android devices.

VOIP Recording

You can likewise listen to and watch video calls made with Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, and others, which is a really useful alternative as many individuals use these services for voice calls. Again, no contending spyware applications have such functions.

Ambient Recording

This function enables you to switch on the target phone’s microphone and utilize it to tape the discussions of those near to the device. However, it is worth remembering there is a high risk of criminal liability for such actions in many countries.

Remote video camera control

This option enables you to take images from another location, but in practice, it is very rarely used.

Other functions

Every user tends to concentrate on essential functions such as call interception and recording, but there are other useful choices to think about.

Keylogger – passwords cracker

This brand-new function is included in the Extreme package, however you can likewise buy it individually from the site. Keylogger is needed to scan symbols that are entered on the screen, which enables you to get any passwords and account login information, consisting of unlock code for the target smart device.

Alerts and keywords

You can set notifies sent out to your phone or email in case of calls from any specific number or when you use any keywords in the message to maintain better control over the device.

Application stopping

You can see a list of applications set up on your device and obstruct them or uninstall them from another location – the gadget owner will not even understand what is occurring!

Remote upgrade

After setting up Flexispy, you no longer require to access your target gadget, but you can set up updates.

Advanced GPS Tracking

Flexispy can monitor the gadget area in real-time, in addition to track the location history over a particular period. Also, it is possible to mark the prohibited verge on the map, which will notify you when the target crosses them.

Flexispy has actually constantly had great 24/7 technical support via email, online chat, and on the phone, 24/7. What’s more, there’s a FAQ section on the website along with lots of in-depth directions and video tutorials on how to utilize the software application. The assistance is helpful and responds quite quickly.

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