The Truth About the mSpy Scam Allegations: Facts and Myths to Consider

Brian Krebs claimed that mSpy disclosed 5 million records that contained user login details. However, there was login and password information listed for 1241 accounts which comprise about 0.044% of mSpy’s customer base. A considerable number of the passwords were incorrect, as error logs record failed login sessions.

They said mSpy used encryption keys to reveal their users’ personal details. Yet, there is no way to use encryption keys without access to the actual database, so we couldn’t (and never tried to) use them for any purpose.

Another false conviction goes that the mSpy database included the Apple iCloud username and authentication token of mobile devices running the app, so users’ iCloud backup files were revealed.

The only concern is that lifetime of the token is short (about 24 hours). It was invalid by the time the problem was reported.

Finally, mSpy was blamed for disclosing user logs, including the browser and Internet address information of people visiting

However, by analyzing access to Kibana, we found out only 2 sessions with data deep research, recorded for India and the US. We assume these were Nitish Shah and Brian Krebs.

As you see, there is no reason to worry about your account information or your kid’s data. At mSpy, we take care of your security and privacy while you interact with our digital products.

How Safe Is mSpy to Use In 2020?

Although most of the security-related claims targeted on mSpy were false, we confirm that our app experienced some issues. What’s more, those problems pushed us to improve our security system.

Immediately after resolving the issue, we changed the passwords for all accounts that were listed in server logs (1241 records) and emailed our users about the situation. We also added new security protocols and changed the encryption keys.

Since that time we regularly check our system on attempts to log in to the control panel using credentials from affected accounts.

Does mSpy Really Work? Our Innovations and Updates

In addition to updating the security procedures, we’ve implemented a couple of more developments.

The brand-new interactive mSpy demonstration was recently launched by our designers. Now, you can attempt mSpy software for free and test its functions in real-time without setting up the app on your kid’s phone.

We reviewed our technique to customer support and produced a whole brand-new customer assistance environment. At the moment we have 4 levels of technical assistance:

  • totally free service for Basic subscription users by e-mail and live chat
  • complimentary service for Premium subscription users by email and live chat
  • Assistance Priority line– paid tailored consumer assistance for 12 months
  • mAssistance– paid VIP help through for 12 months

We also upgraded our Refund Policy. Now, you might get a full refund within 10 days of purchase if you are not satisfied with the mSpy app.

To sum up the exposed realities and myths, we want to admit that we fully acknowledge our fault and regards excuse the scenario.

Is mSpy safe now? Definitely. Is mSpy a genuine app that works right now? We wish to ensure all our clients that their information is secured, as no huge leakage of delicate information happened in the past.

Our new security steps are aimed at keeping your account personal and your data safe. Countless active accounts in 2020 must assist validate mSpy to be a trustworthy and safe app.